Quick Bedroom Update

I was going to wait to show you our room after more of it was done, but I feel bad for only posting a few times last week. So here's a little peek at how it's looking right now.

First my little trick for painting that tricky place between the door frame and the wall. Tape to protect the door and then shove the brush in and swipe downward.

Jetty snapped a few picks with the roller doing coat #2!

 Before (Ok so it looks like the walls are grey in this picture- but really it was like a beige with a touch of pink. How does the camera do that? I need a better one!).


Still so much left to do including painting the nightstands and adding hardware. Building a headboard. Putting up some artwork I made and putting up some pictures.

So fun- more updates soon!

What do you think?


  1. that looks great :) i love the colors!! so glad i came across your blog :) you have some great things! xo

  2. Thanks so much Cait! Glad you like it! Love your blog too! =)


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