So today I just wanted to share something I've been thinking about. I've been thinking about how strange we are- you know- people.

Since the weather has been so snowy out lately, I've had a few friends that have either got in accidents or almost have. All have come out unscathed. The part that really makes me think is about how we often say things like "Thank goodness there was no one coming the other way." or "If I had turned just a second before it would have been a head on collision." We are so grateful for those very fractions of a second that save us, or the fractions of space that were allotted to us as we slide on the icy roads.

But those little bits and pieces are the same things, so often, we curse. "If I had just left a few second earlier I would have missed that red light and would be on time," or maybe we are angry about getting stuck as a train goes by. What if these moments are ones that are also saving our lives and we just don't see it?

I'm trying to make my current mantra, "Thank you for putting me at exactly the right place at the right time." I think it's all part of my journey to trying to completely trust in God's plan for me and trust that he has put me right where he wants me. <-- This can be so difficult.

What about you? Do you get frustrated when you're not right where you want to be?


  1. Aunt DeniseMarch 03, 2011

    I always thank good every day.To be healty and I know god is looking after me

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm maybe time to start thinking about doing another Guest Post for LFI! This was great Melanie! So true.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies =)
    I can definitely see how this can translate nicely to a LFI post! Just say the word! ;)

  4. Natasha GosselinMarch 04, 2011

    Mel, this post really spoke to me. I have been noticing so many times lately that I am irritated by moments like you mention, and trying to figure out ways to de-stress myself as I travel from home to school. This is such a nice thought, I will try to use this perspective the next time I feel short-tempered. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Tasha! I'm so glad that the post spoke to you. =) Let me know how the attitude shift goes! =)


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