Easter Season

So why is Easter my favourite season? So many reasons. Most important of which is the fact that we are celebrating Jesus' death and resurrection - such an important part of our faith.

I also really love Lent. Leading up to Easter it's a time to start fresh, to refocus priorities and prepare for Easter. I usually try to give something up for Lent, offer my time to something worthwhile, and cleanse my space and belongings of anything I don't need. Lots of donations. It's a time I feel closest to God's grace.

It's a time for family...

In our Easter Best...ya I'm the one on the left if you weren't sure, the cuties on the right are my sisters.
 This year things have been so crazy lately that I don't feel like I've had made the time I need to feel well prepared in our home and in my heart for Easter. Maybe that's why I have been struggling with a cold lately. Something's just off balance. I know as soon as I start seeing my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and parents things will instantly be better though! Oh how I wish we could travel to ON quickly too, but we will be there soon enough!

Do you prepare for Easter? How?

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