I'm a Big Liar

So I did not manage to get this second list up while I was away like I hoped to. You have probably all given up waiting for it, but here it is!

101. I'm amazing at singing (in the car)
102. Jetty turns the volume up twice as loud when I'm in the car
103. 1st Corinthians 13 is my favourite bible verse
104. We didn't read it at our wedding but it was included in the psalm
105. I wish I had the courage/emotional strength to speak at our wedding
106. But I didn't and would have cried like a baby (see # 53)
107. I can't make a cute pucker
108. I was never very good at keeping a journal but I do have some embarrassing pages from when I tried
109. We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon
110. I was on the mock trial team in high school (Jetty was too!)
111. I'm 5'5"
112. My eyes are really hazel
113. I still rock out extra hard to brown eyed girl
114. My favorite song is "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey
115. A terribly embarrassing video exists to prove #114
116. I find it nearly impossible to tell which direction I'm facing
117. Jetty loves this about me and frequently asks for his own personal amusement
118. In grade one I dressed up with the right side of my body as a man and the left as a woman for Halloween
119. At the age of four I won one of those colouring contests from Shoppers at Easter
120. I love our family dance parties in the kitchen
121. I got a mushroom cut in kindergarten...
122. Jetty first kissed me in 2003 on a pier at a lighthouse
123. My favorite number is 13
124. I used to do anti-gravity yoga classes (I miss them!)
125. We spend about $120 on groceries each week
126. I eat about $25 worth of groceries each week
127. Our wedding song was "when God made you he must have been thinking about me" by Newsong
128. I'm double jointed
129. I'm in two book clubs
130. Im the VP of our condo board
131. I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family
132. I have a fake front tooth (so does Jetty!)
133. I wish I had Erica's (youngest sister) sense of style
134. I wish I had Jessica's (middle sister) energy
135. I've never broken any bones or had any stitches
136. The crayons I got from my very first boyfriend are the ones I used to draw Jetty's pictures
137. I've never really gone camping
138. I prefer the aisle seat in planes
139. My favorite candy is m&m's
140. I hate being late
141. I've never had a pet
142. I love thrill rides and roller coasters
143. I love live music
144. I can't really play any instruments
145. My favorite Disney princess is Belle
146. I don't think I'd want to win the lottery
147. I was in a Christmas parade once on a float I helped decorate in elementary school
148. The first slow song I ever danced to was "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic
149. I love the book "East of Eden"
150. I failed my first driver's test
151. I played Mrs. Clause in our grade 12 Merry M
152. I used to be a campus tour guide at MSVU
153. I love cooking
154. I don't like doing dishes
155. I have 7 first cousins
156. I learned how to ski after we moved away from BC
157. My first job was picking parts at a GM warehouse
158. I once ran in a 5K race
159. I didn't do very well when I ran the 5K race
160. My first boyfriend was in grade 9
161. My first 'real' date was in grade 10
162. I've never dyed my hair
163. I braided cornrows in people's hair at a hairdressers a few times for them as a small job
164. I like reality TV
165. I am a Leafs fan
166. I saw the Spice Girls in concert
167. I attended World Youth Day in Toronto
168. I love looking at the stars
169. My sisters and I "own a piece of the moon"
170. My favourite dessert is (any kind of) pie
171. I still haven't watched our wedding video
172. We are going to watch our wedding video this week
173. I have an alter ego named Josie
174. ...and an alter ego named Lem
175. I prefer to shower at night instead of the morning
176. I'm not a morning person
177. I'm not much of a late-night person either
178. I once took the PEI ferry by accident
179. I used to blog here
180. I can speak French
181. I was born with a full head of dark hair
182. I was in French immersion until grade 5
183. I won an award for Frosh Leader of the year in 2008
184. A car ride puts me to sleep almost instantly
185. When Jetty proposed I thought he was joking and tried to push him over
186. I lived in residence for two years
187. My best friend from residence was from the same hometown as me
188. I think Jetty would make a much better blogger than me
189. I prefer to DIY
190. I love jumping pictures
191. I have memories from when I was about 4
192. I used to dislike ice cream
193.  I once rode an elephant on school grounds
194. My maiden name is LeBlanc
195. The fact that I have a "maiden name" makes me feel old
196. I went to the Dominican on a grad trip
197. I don't really collect anything
198. I still wear my retainer at night (sometimes)
199. My favourite cereal is Cheerios (just about to go eat some!)
200. Coming up with 200 things was SO hard!



  1. I had been waiting for the list and here it is ... but I am puzzled... I thought you were 5'6" and had brown eyes !! Who are you and where is my daughter !?!?! And as for the #107 you have had a cute pucker since you were little ( check out your JOY book !!)
    Love you !!!

  2. Dear Melanie,

    I love you dearly and all 200 of your thoughts. Don't know if I would be able to do the same. Curious about that dance video.....
    Love, Dad

  3. Aunt DeniseMay 03, 2011

    That is difficult to do.I always new you had good ideas.I thought you were taller.List is great.Love you.Aunt Denise

  4. Thanks for the comments! I am closer to 5'5" and 3/4 I suppose ;)
    You will have to watch the video sometime dad! haha

  5. So...this post is called "I'm a big liar".

    I agree. Please refer to #146 for proof.

  6. hahaha oh Jetty... I already won it by marrying you ;)


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