Headboard and Spring Decor

So I've been working a bit more on the headboard and ran into a little problem. The vinyl is so thick that doing the corners is a bit of a challenge...

See how they stick out?

I've stapled the top and bottom though

So my plan is to do something like the picture above and pull tight to staple. I think it will look good!  Just need to get the buttons done now!

And to keep up with my 'gather decorations after the season' activity here are some of my Easter decorations:

"Laugh" vase from Mom and Dad LeBlanc

A cake plate with a pretty flower on the top and a cute bunny on the bottom from my Godmother Aunt Stacey.

A basket of goodies to Jetty and I from Mom and Dad LeBlanc. Yum! Pretty cookies will be made next year!

I bought this one myself. It's a ceramic egg holder from chapters marked down to $5. Woo!

There are the few things you can expect to see out next year!

Stay tuned for a couple days worth of wedding posts tomorrow and this weekend for our anniversary !


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