Ladder Shelf

We got a lovely ladder shelf as an anniversary present and spent Sunday night putting it together (along with the headboard). Sunday was a busy day!

It took the place of the sewing machine which made its way into the back room.I'm not sure I like this layout yet, but I will keep playing around with it.

Blank cards and paper for letter writing. (I think I will move these into flat white boxes to hide them).

Flowers beside a vase (ya I'm not sure about that one either).

Some pretty books with a beautiful tin can on the top that I love!

Coral beside our honeymoon/ Jamaica jar....and what might be an old urn? I just love the shape of it.

This shelf is almost empty...a bear made from a real fur coat and a pair of opera glasses that are gorgeous!

This shelf is also boring and blank...working on it!

Our wedding shelf! Pictures, mints, and our lighthouse.

I also put out some stationary and pens for letter writing at the desk. Yes, those all say our names and wedding date on them. They were a LoVeLy gift.

Even the pen and post-its!

What do you think? How should I fix this up? Do you like the ladder shelf look?



  1. Melanie, cool! Will you be putting a chair at the "desk" shelf or will that work as a desk?

  2. Dear Melanie,
    Absolutely love the ladder shelf/desk and headboard. You missed your calling, rather than PR it should have been Home Decorating!
    Great Work Jetty!
    Lots of LOVE Dad

  3. A sign of a cool decorator is when people look at what you have done and then look at their own house and think it needs work or looks bland... well you have done that for me !!! HAHA
    Nice work !! I love what you have done and I am certainly impressed !!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments! =)
    I have my eye on a chair I really like... but it's a little bit out of our price range, so looking for similar ones. I'm thinking something in blue. Thoughts?

    So glad you like it mom and dad- Thank YOU for the lovely gift!


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