Gerry Dee

This past weekend Jetty and I went to see Gerry Dee which was part of my Christmas present. It was halarious! I loved every minute of it! This guy rocks.

For those of you who don't know who Gerry Dee is, shame on you! But here's a little reminder:

You can also see more of his stuff at

He's a pretty clean comedian but watch at your own discretion ;)

Enjoy the Wednesday laughs!


  1. Aunt DeniseMay 18, 2011

    Learned something new did not know him.Thanks again for all your info

  2. I didn't know him either... but so cool!!!

  3. That is too funny... I was wondering who that guy was with you and Jetty in your profile piture... I had heard of him but did not realize that you MET him !! COOL !!

  4. Thanks for the comments! Glad you ladies enjoyed him! I think he has a Canadian sitcom coming out soon...pretty excited!


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