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"Life, for instance is a gathering place. Each visitor has something special to share: a unique perspective on life."

We're tackling the topic Free Will or Fate? What are my thoughts?:

"I feel like I should weigh in with my thoughts and not just jump all over the comments below! lol I think that we DO have free will, and it was given to us by God. Lori often mentions thinking of God like a parent, and I agree. I think God knows best, he is all knowing and knows the path I could take that would give me the 'best life', but I know I have strayed far from that by exercising my free will. I think God is so good to give us free will but I think he also comes into our lives and works in our lives as often as we ask and invite him. The bible talks about simply knocking on the door, or calling to him and he will be right there. I don't want stir the pot too much, but I think when we say that 'we do it all ourselves' and 'we are in charge/in control of our own lives' is pushing God away, it is taking him out of the equation. He doesn't want to be just a bystander in our lives, but he will as easily as never asking him to work in our lives. I am so happy to have free will, but I openly and lovingly invite the creator to 'mess around in there and work in my life', not just where I want him to, but where He wants to as well. What do you think?"

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