3 Little Things

So I have three little quick updates to share with you today!

First of all I wanted to give you a look at our keyboard. Jetty's already enjoying playing it and will be a pro soon! It's sitting right beside the fireplace on the wall opposite the ladder shelves. I will post full room picrures soon!

Along with a bunch of other pictures that I will share later this week, we finally hung our degrees on the wall. We've both never had them up and now they are sitting side-by-side.

One of my favourite projects of last week was moving the light above our kitchen table over about a foot. Because of the overhang counter that our barstools sit against the light was not far enough away to hang above the middle of the kitchen table. Papa T is my hero and rewired and attached a longer chain to the light and attached a hook so we could hang it closer to the wall. Might not seem like a big deal to you, but it makes a huge difference.

Have you done any little projects lately?


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