Weekend with Erica

This past weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of having Erica come over for a visit. (Just realizing now that she probably didn't sign the guest book...did you Erica??)

We had so much fun!

We made Mojitos with some fresh mint and lime. Our recipe?

Mint leaves, lime, club soda and rum. No sugar added so it was fresh and delicious.

It was so fun to have Erica around. She helped me arrange a shelf which I will show you later and she also helped with a painting project that looks something like this right now:

Can you guess what it will be? (I know it looks scary now)!

So great to have you visit sissy! Always so many laughs and silly faces...tee hee

Jessica, now it's your turn to visit! =)



  1. :D

    Woopsy, yes I forgot to sign the guestbook! I haven't even signed it once!
    I had so much fun! Can't wait to see you again in a few days!
    Move home already!

  2. Tee Hee I get Jess first though!! :p


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