Sunburst Mirror

So remember last week when I posted a teaser to a project I'm working on?
If not, maybe this picture will refresh your memory!:

Well today I'm going to share the finished project along with my quick how-to!

A long while back I blogged about some things I want to do in our new condo. They were from blogs and pictures that inspired me. One of them was this mirror:

Photo from

Michelle at 3 Men and a Lady did a great tutorial on how to make one. You can find the tutorial here.
What I really wanted to do though was take the tutorial she provided and pair it with some ideas of my own.
I figure that I could find a round mirror and add the skewers as shown in the tutorial and pair it with the little mirrors that are already in our apartment which you can kind of see in the picture from this post.

To start I painted the skewers black with a foam paintbrush. I didn't want to go the spray paint route because we live in a condo and don't really have anywhere to be spraying paint around. To make sure I painted them fully and allowed them time to dry, I bought one of those green foamy things that people use to make flower arrangements. I was able to stick the skewers in there while they dried so I wouldn't have to lay them down anywhere.

Creepy looking, I know. 

After I applied 3 coats of paint to each skewer (long and tedious process) I started planning how I would attach them to the mirror I bought at Michael's

I decided I wanted to stagger the skewers a bit, but wanted them to look nice and even too. So I rummaged through some of my craft things and found these two ribbon spool edges:

I forgot to take a picture of the in-between, but basically I glued the small spool to the big one and staggered the skewers so they were touching the edge of the large spool and then the edge of the small one as you can kind of see below. This is the back of the mirror with the spools glued to it and the skewers laid out.

I carefully glued each skewer with my hot glue gun...

The end result was something like the picture above! See the staggered skewers? Small circle, big circle. I think it made a big difference from having them all at the same length.

After all that I glued a few more mirrors on like I had shared above and then glued some wire on the back to hang on the wall and the finish product looks like this!:

I love how it looks sitting above the keyboard, it really fills in the space on that wall between the gallery wall and the mirror above the fireplace. The total for the project was about $10. 
Big Mirror = $5
Skewers = $1
Black Paint $1
Small Mirrors = $3

Compare that with the original at about $55 and I'm pretty happy with the end result. What do you think? Have you tried anything similar? Would you do it differently? Do you think it works in the space that we hung it, or would you move it around?

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. WOOO! It turned out amazing Mel !
    I love it!

  2. Erica used the word I was going to use but I will repeat it because it is an AMAZING piece of art !!!! and it is hung in the perfect spot... once again you have impressed me !!!

  3. Oh Mel, you are so creative, you never seize to amaze me!

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so impressed! You could sell these, or at least make wonderful gifts out of them (hint hint!)

  5. Thanks so much ladies! I'm so glad you like it! Might have to think about creating a few extras it looks like ;)

    Thanks for taking the time to share the love!


  6. That is absolutely amazing.
    You are so fabulously talented. I LOVE you so very much!

  7. I think it is beautiful.You have another career for sure

  8. Thanks Daddy! =) I love you lots too! So happy you like it! Can't wait until you see it in person!

    Thanks Aunt Denise! Appreciate that- maybe a second career!

  9. See... steal worthy content right there! {Hopefully you read my response to your comment on my blog or this totally won't make sense!} This is awesome! I like yours better than the inspiration photo :)

    1. I definitely read your other comment first and SO appreciate you stopping in to see this project and sharing those kind words! =) Thank you so much!


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