Bulletin Board

So I decided to fix up the entrance a little bit and make it more useful.

I had an old bulletin board from when I was young and I thought it would be good to have in the entrance for reminders and to leave mail that we need to send and such. I bought a $2 scrap of fabric, some leftover black ribbon and some silver push pins. The push pins were so much harder to find than I thought (all the ones I found were gold)! I ended up buying them on clearance at Sears in the hardware section at $.90 per box.

First I measured to the middle of the two sides of the bulletin board and stretched the ribbon from the corners to meet in the middle like a criss-cross seen here:

Then I went all the way around with the push pins to make a fake nailhead looking pattern.

When it was all done I moved down the hooks that you saw I put up here:

And attached the bulletin board and the hooks below it for a final project that looks like this:

What do you think? I really like it and already have invites to our summer weddings posted as reminders!



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