What is it about real plants that add so much to a home? Living on the top floor of our condo, we don't have the benefit of going straight outside to a yard, our condo doesn't really have a yard at all, so having some plants around is really important to me. The problem is I don't really have a green thumb and have killed a few plants already, but I'm starting over and have some good ones going!

The far right is a cherry tomato plant! The aloe is a "redo" from my mom because I killed the first one...this one is going a bit better... I think...

My ivy is growing really well and is completely facing towards the sun. Amazing how plants do that, face towards the sun...reminds me that we all should- except for us it should be the Son. ;) I love the constant reminder.

Remember the bouquet that Jetty gave me?

Well some of the flowers died off, but the ones that still look good have been "re-vased." I wish I could always have beautiful fresh flowers in the house.

Mmm fresh plants and flowers, do you keep lots nearby? In the house or in the garden?


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