Living with a Boy

I mean man...of course

It's very funny because I'm so used to living with girls. The only time I've had a guy around was growing up with dad and a couple years at university we had a guy roommate I didn't see too much. But from what I see and hear dad isn't like living with a typical guy because he's always lived with ladies and is very neat and tidy...apparently this is not how most guys are. I've noticed Jetty has some interesting habits...and since I know he will bug me about this post, I'm leaving him an open invitation to write a post about my strange habits (which will surely be more amusing and embarrassing...)

Clothes everywhere. I mean everywhere. I once found socks on the counter... I don't know why he doesn't like getting undressed near the hamper... maybe I should put one next to the garbage in the kitchen

Some other things I find all over are these protein cups...used to find banana peels on the counter from his breakfast but those are making it to the garbage more.

I also put his protein back in the cupboard EVERY day.Maybe he forgets where it goes after he takes it out, or maybe he thinks since he uses this everyday it should just stay in plain sight (I don't).

It's funny habits to me... but in all fairness Jetty does most of our dishes, and all of our grocery shopping and so many other awesome things.

Strangely enough I don't mind too much with all the leaving things around. I bug him about it, but I also think it's a good reminder that I'm not living alone anymore. I'm with my husband in our place and it's not perfect, but it's OUR space. I know if I ever lost him I would long for the days of socks everywhere. So I sigh and laugh about it and then pick it up and put it all away...

What about you? Any funny habits you notice in your housemates? Would you take them all away if you could?



  1. oh the protein cups!

  2. hahaha You remember those do you? :P

  3. 1. Alli....shh!
    2. The protein cups in the bedroom pile up because I am such a wonderful husband that I get up at night to get Melanie the water that she "needs". Then she drinks 1% of it and leaves the cups there forever.
    3. I do believe I see an ironing board in the background of that picture above, in our living room, strange no?


  4. Ah yes, I am a bit of a strange one.
    Was certainly the environment I grew up in.
    All WOMEN!
    That's life.......

  5. Tee hee...your comments made me laugh....yes I do see an ironing board...I was working on something ok!


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