Pinterest Inspired Brunch

I'm just loving Pinterest, so much beatiful inspiration!
This past weekend Jetty and I had some guests for brunch and I put some of my Pinterest inspiration to work!

I made a few things of my own such as a fruit salad, croissants, smoked salmon and famous chocolate chip cookies, but here are the things I "borrowed" from Pinterest.

These are cheesecake filled strawberries, so I kind of adapted the idea and pureed cream cheese and strawnberries with that... yum! (They are in the white bowl with the lime placemat underneath- I didn't get a close-up)

I love this infused water idea and so I adapted it a bit by infusing lemon and lime water and then having orange juice. I put them in a big bucket with ice to keep them cool.

And finally, the main part of the meal, my special eggs, bacon and toast courtesy of Pinterest and Martha Stewart. I made one adaption which was not cutting the bread into a circle (why waste all that tasty toast?).

Mine Before:

Mine After:

They are no Martha Stewart, but they were delicious!

Have you been inspired by something you've seen online lately?

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  1. Looks yummy! Before anyone else has a chance to say it, I'LL BE RIGHT OVER!
    Your strawberry cheesecakes reminded me of something your mother and I had in California years ago. We simply dipped strawberries into sour cream and then into brown sugar! OHMYGOSH - so good! Instant dessert - no Martha Stewart, but hey!

  2. Well... well,

    You decided to make it such a fancy meal when you realized I wasn't coming eh. And this is my punishment, the pictures! If so, it's working! I wont miss another brunch again!
    (I expect meals of this sort every morning now when I come to visit)
    High expectations for you Mrs. Thompson, high expectations!!

  3. AL: Sounds delicious!!! Thanks for the compliment too!
    Erica: Yes, yes I did, but in my defence it was always going to be this fancy. ;) Glad you like it!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the Best Chef in Fredericton!
    Am available any time to test other GREAT dishes.
    Love you dearly Melanie.


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