So I wanted to try to tackle making this pillow:

Found on Pinterest.

Only problem was that every time I tried to pull a string to create the ruffle the little string broke because my material wasn't good enough. Then I realized you actually have to sew a line down the centre first with a strong piece of string and then pull.

Here's a more detailed run-down of how I made my ruffles:

Cut a 17" piece of material and then realized I didn't know how to divide it evenly into the right number of pieces so I just folded it until it looked about right.

 Then cut the curves to get something that looks like below.
 About 12 evenly spaced lines. Which I tore into strips:
 Then cleaned the strings all off and laid them out. This is when I realized I would need to do some extra sewing, so the pillow is not done today...
 But I did get the ruffles all finished and laid out. I hope to sew the pillow all up today and share it with you tomorrow!

What do you think? Think it will make a cute mustard colour pillow?



  1. I hope this turns out amazing cause I would LOVE one for my room next year please and thank you!
    Maybe if it works we could make one next time I am down?? : ) I'm excited to see the end result

  2. I second Erica's post. I wil take 4 in green!

  3. Thanks ladies! Update soon and you can let me know if you would like one! Xo's


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