The Winner is... ME!

So yesterday I shared a picture with you to hint at my post today. I'm sure that no one guessed what it was about, but the anticipation is over! Today I'm going to be posting, my first, and probably only ever "fashion" post. I don't even feel comfortable calling it that because I'm far from a fashionista, but I wanted a chance to show off the beautiful purse I won from Silver Daisy Designs. I thought it would be a fun tribute to the blog I won it from: Fortunate Fool

Let me back up and tell you how I won the purse! I entered a giveaway on this post because I love the purse and because Julia was celebrating reaching 10 000 views on her blog (how awesome is that!?).

I read only about 4 fashion blogs daily and 2 belong to Awesome Maritimer Gals: The fabulous Fortunate Fool and the very sweet O My Heart! the others are the always adorable Jen Loves Kev and the always inspiring Cupcakes and Cashmere. I dream of having their wonderful fashion sense and expertise at building a wardrobe. I'm normally a work-with-what-I've-got gal and don't shop often enough (if you ask me) and maybe too much if you ask Jetty... but it still doesn't feel like I have what I need to put together a fabulous outfit so I decided to let the purse do the talking and just 'white blouse' and jeans it. I also don't have the modelling skills of my lovely little sister so please bare with me....

I liked the hydrangeas outside of the building next door so I posed there...

I got a couple pics and then this is when things started to get out of hand and I realized I should stand up...

but then I did and didn't know what to I just made a face at Jetty.

Then I remembered fashion posts usually involve a pic of the person looking at the ground so I tried that...

And then Jetty snapped a picture of me checking the time which also shows off the bag...double duty!

 I thought I might as well show off the accessories too...then I realized I should have done that with my hand on my hip or something...right? Ahh well, there it is just stuck out above the ground. Did you see my awesome gold glitter fingernail? Inspired by this cute post, but I think I like pink and silvery better...maybe next time?

Also, check out the awesome shoes I was rocking. I really love them, but Jetty does not (at all) and perhaps no one else does either? They were my mom's and I think they are just so cute!

Purse: Matt & Nat via Fortunate Fool and Silver Daisy Designs 
Blouse: Smart Set 
Jeans: Cheap Monday via Aritzia 
Bracelets: Aldo 
Nail Polish: Revlon Plum Attraction 
Sandals: Hand-me-Down from Mom

I'm absolutely loving the purse already! It's just big enough to hold what I need, but not so big that I tip over. I also love the details on the outside and the fact that the liner is made from 18 recycled water bottles (awesome!).

So there it is, my fashion post... never again...

Have a great weekend!



  1. I was going to post a serious comment ... something like - "You are a wonderful model and you posed like a star!" but I have to admit I chuckled a few times as I read so instead I will comment with- You are so perfect as who you are ,JOYful and creative and confident and I love how you write and share !! And especially I LOVE the sandals - Jetty has no fashion sense !!! HAHA

  2. You rocked it and you made me laugh. Love your sense of humor and love that face you were making at your hubs!

  3. Thank you ladies! So happy to hear you enjoyed it. Agreed too- Jetty has no fashion sense ;)

  4. Just finding this post now ! Love it :)

  5. Yea! So happy you love it and I hope it made you laugh! :) Thanks again!


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