The Pinterest Challenge

By now you probably know a bit about my Pinterest obsession from posts such as my ruffled pillow from this post and this post, my Pinterest inspired brunch, ideas for our Ikea nightstands, two more pillows from this post, among a few others where I didn't expressly mention Pinterest.

All this to say that when I saw that there would be a Pinterest Challenge put on by some of my favourite bloggers I was really excited. You can hear all about the challenge on Young House Love, Bower Power, Emily Henderson and Making a House a Home.

Basically the idea is to make something that's inspired by all the great things found on Pinterest. So I actually used inspiration from several pins to create something simple and cute.

The following are the pins that inspired my craft:

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Any ideas of what I made?

No need to guess, I'l tell you! Basically I had this box lying around that I liked, but no longer worked with our decor.

Since I planned on using thinner twine than the basket inspiration above, I didn't want any of the box design to poke through so I glued burlap on the box first.

Then I used the method from the twine ball from Pinterest. to cover the box.

I covered the lid as well.

Then I cut off the corners and wrapped twine around the bottom part of the lid as you will see in a few pictures.

Then I used the fabric flower tutorial to make a flower out of off-white cotton.

I love the pearls in the centre of some of the flowers above so I added those with the hot glue gun.

I cut two petals with the fabric from when I reupholstered the couch.

I attached the petals and then the flower.

I love the box now! I am not 100% sure what we will use it for or where it will stay, but now it's something that I can keep out and not leave tucked away because it doesn't go with the decor.

What do you think of my Pinterest Challenge project? I can't wait to see what everyone else made!

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  1. It looks great.If I will takr care of it until you cant find a place for it.

  2. Looks so pretty! I think I might want to make a box for myself...I'm always seeming to need more boxes. Check out my pinterest project at

  3. Very pretty! Love the burlap, twine and cotton and the pearls make it!

  4. your project turned out so well - and nice job mixing your inspiration pieces!

  5. Thanks so much for the lovely comments! =) I'll be checking out your challenge projects now!

  6. Wow, these looks amazing. So amazing that I've pinned it so I can do a DIY version for myself :)

  7. Thank you so much Tamsyn! Just popping around to peek at other projects now so I can't wait to see yours (I took a peek already and it looks awesome)!


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