Being Married - Year 1

Today is a day where I share a bit of what I have learned so far about being married. I'm definitely no expert since we just hit the one year mark in May, but I've been learning so much along the way that I wanted to document where I am so far for when I look back in years to come.

Top 10 Lessons or Marriage for Year 1

10. Date night is important.
9. Ridiculous situations where we argue about nothing come up. The best thing is to be able to both stop and realize how silly the situation is and just laugh about it.
8. I have to learn how to be wrong....gracefully.
7. I'm usually right.
6. Some chores just belong to him and some belong to me. When we discover those we need to keep it that way.
5. Those odd habits that I found so cute in the beginning, well...they are still cute (come on, it's only been a year!)
4. I think how we are during long drives says a lot about our relationship. (Although I often sleep through them, when I'm awake we hold hands and have great chats or belt out stupid songs. Love those moments!)
3. Praying together is SO important, and praying for each other.
2. Remembering to think about someone else in almost every dicision I make can be challenging at times, but always worthwhile.
1. This is FUN



  1. I loved reading this post !! Made me smile !!

  2. Hey Mel,

    Alli just directed me toward your blog and I couldn't help but notice this post. Joey and I have been married about a month. Its nice to see what perspective is like 1 year in. So inspirational and right on the money. Hope you guys are doing awesome!


    Lauren Anstey (sounds weird eh, thats De Meester to you)

  3. Thanks for the great comment Lauren Anstey (it is so strange!! Lol)! Being married is fun isn't it? Hope to hear updates on how you enjoy married life! Hope all is well! Xo


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