Like old times: A weekend in Hali-wood!

This past week and weekend my bestie Alli came to visit. We spent a night in Freddy and then took off to the place most of our University memories took place- Halifax, NS!

This time the hubs got to be a part of the fun too and as much fun as University was, it was even more wonderful having him there to join in our shenanigans!

Alli even brought along her sweet friend Tracey who had never been to the East Coast! I think she loved it almost as much as we do! Oh yes, that's Jessica too! The three roomies back together again!

So when are YOU coming to visit next? Hmm?

Also, today I'm off to San Francisco for work! I'm so excited and hope to share lots of the fun with you here (mostly through pictures). In case I don't get much time to post though, take a peek on twitter where I'll be updating lots!



  1. Oh honestly I wish we could do this every weekend!
    Thank you for having me, I hope to return soon!

  2. I agree! It was so much fun and I think you need to come back often and soon!! Xo


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