Napkin Ring Fall Project

I've been planning on doing this project for some time now and I finally got some of it done and wanted to share!

First off, my mom had this amazing box FULL of knit napkin rings lying around (that she made!) that she wasn't using. She let me snag it  and I've been planning how I'm going to put it to good use ever since. Look at all the colours!

I decided that since fall was pretty much upon us I would start with some fall themed napkin rings. I had some faux leaves left over from last year so I started there.

I wrapped black wire around the bottom of the pair of leaves so they would lie close together.

Then I sewed it on to one of the napkin rings...

 ...and after that I simply attached some buttons to each of them!

Paired with me pretty fall napkins this will be a great way to dress-up the table for fall! I especially love that the knit look makes me ready for fall sweaters!

What do you think?



  1. Melanie, this is so cool! I too like how the knitted affect cozys it up! The whole design looks great on the fall napkins too!

  2. I always knew someone would find a good use for those napkin rings !! I had to wait 20 years for my daughter to grow up and use her creative talents !! Love the first project... can't wait to see what you will do with the rest !!

  3. Looks great.Very nice fall colores

  4. umm... WHAT! Mom, how come you gave her those napkin rings, I wasn't offered any!
    - Beautiful job though Mel, but come on! Share the wealth.

  5. Thanks for the sweet compliments! Erica- gotta be quick on those things! I snagged them up as soon as I saw them! ;)


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