Odds and Ends

Happy Tuesday! Today I just wanted to do an odds and ends post of some of the things that have snuck their way into our condo in the past month or so. Mostly because I haven't finished a project that I wanted to share yet. ;)

This panther is so cool and is made of wood! You know how I love big cats!

A sweet magnet from one of my besties has made its way to the front of the fridge which is kind of a big deal since it's the only one there. But I just love the reminder.

The magnet also came with these napkins and pretty Gerber Daisy napkin ring holders!

I love, love them because now I will be able to try to re-create this:

 I also popped in to Superstore not too long ago and spotted these for $2 each and grabbed four. You can never have too many pretty white and yellow striped place mats!

In other news we need a new bracket for our corner cupboard door as we managed to break this one off. =( I also need to clean out that corner!

The final exciting piece of news is that our plants are doing a kick-butt job of growing! Remember what they used to look like?

And now... (yes we did lose one ...minor details, minor details!)

Stay tuned for a fun fall project that I hope to share tomorrow and have a terrific Tuesday!



  1. I don't know if I told you but the magnet was because I know you miss the manget I always had on our fridge, however, I thought this one was a bit more appropriate.

  2. Tee hee I do miss "our" magnet. ( I like to think of things from our roomie time as ours). This one is much more appropriate for general sharing though! Thank you! It was a great surprise when we got home! Can't believe I missed it at first! Xo


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