I did some baking on the weekend which immediately made me excited about getting started on some Christmas backing! (I'm already looking for a couple new recipes to add to the roster from last year.)

First of all I made some chocolate chip cookies for our board of directors meeting last night for the condo. They went over very well. =)

 And then I saved a few of those for us...

 Secondly I made some tea biscuits which is a super easy and delicious recipe from my mom. 

 Jetty also insisted I add raisins to some of the batch and he loves them.

Today I thought I would share the tea biscuit recipe in case you want to try this easy 7 (or 8) ingredient recipe on your own!

3 cups of flower
4 T of white sugar (Plus some extra for the top)
3 T butter (Plus some extra for the top)
1/2 t salt
6 heaping t of baking powder
Mix 1/4 cup of milk with 3/4 cup of water together to add to dry.
Raisins as desired.

Put dry ingredients together then cut in butter, add liquid and mix (add small amounts of additional milk if needed). Knead quickly by hand and roll the dough out on a flat surface and use biscuit  cutters or round cookie cutters. Place on pan and butter the top sprinkling with additional sugar before cooking in oven at 450 degrees for 12 minutes.




  1. Everything looks delicious.To bad I am so far away

  2. Omgosh THANK YOU for sharing the tea biscuits recipe! I used to be a personal assistant, and my boss would have her chef make these every Friday afternoon. He always snuck a few over to me and oh how I miss them! I'm going to try to make them tomorrow :)

  3. Thanks ladies! And you are welcome! I can't wait to hear how your baking went! =)

  4. oh gosh are those your famous cookies!? please tell me you are bringing some of those babies home with you!


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