Quick Fixes

This weekend I tackled some quick fixes in the condo.

Remember our curtain wall? The curtains cover both our balcony and door to it.

Because of the heater the curtains hang just above it and we measured so they hung perfectly.

Unfortunately that means the longer panels in front of the patio door hang too long. They have been sitting like that since we got them, dragging on the ground. This weekend I decided to tackle the problem!

 I pinned and took them down and tackled then with the sewing machine.

 Now look how pretty they hang! I tried to make sure my sewing line was the same distance from the bottom as the other curtain panels.

Now when they are pulled to the side they sit perfectly. As you can see the other side is higher because it goes over the heater.

The other quick fix I tackled was the broken cupboard hinge. For some reason the corner hinge broke, it's been like that for about a week. Off I went to Home Depot and then Kent and finally found the exact piece that was broken and I just re-attached!

It was our oven mitt holder portion of the cupboard that was broken (very annoying).

These quick fixes made a big difference and I love quick and easy projects to tackle. I have a few more fun ones that I'll share this week. For now, happy Monday!


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