Little Things!

Aisle to Aloha

This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving. (Yes, nice and early here in Canada!) There are so many little things that I feel thankful for, but here are a few that I captured this week.

Smiles and an evening walk after Thanksgiving dinner.

Our beautiful walk in Centennial Park to work off Thanksgiving turkey and enjoy nature. If you look carefully you can spot mom!

Mom and my sister made delicious deviled eggs for Thanksgiving brunch.

Coming home to a delicious lunch Jetty had prepared.

New discovery: Tim Horton's white hot chocolate. Yummy!



  1. I love deviled eggs! Yumm. All of those trees are gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! I LOVE TIM HORTON'S!

  3. White hot chocolate?? That sounds amazing! I'd really like to try that!
    And the picture of the park is so pretty. It looks so peaceful. :)

  4. deviled eggs!! yumm!! have you ever tried them with smoke paprika?? delish if i may say so myself!

  5. What? No 1/2 face shots?!

  6. Thanks for all your wonderful comments! It was all very delicious and wonderful. I forgot about the 1/2 face! Next time for sure!!!


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