Getting Ready for Christmas

So I'm a little bit late pulling out the Christmas decorations this year, but I have decided it's happening this week. I have some new decorations to pull out so I'm super excited! One of the most exciting parts of decorating now is tackling the mantle.

I have been pulling inspiration and stil haven't completely decided which way I'm going with it.

Classic Green and Red?

Sparkly gold silver and blue? (But the stockings I'm making are mostly red).

Something completely different and colourful. (I'm sure my sister Jessica would love this one!)

Some non-traditional colours?

Or just pure sparkle?

I'm leaning towards classic green, red and gold with a hint of a non-traditional colour. Can you guess which one? Hopefully I will have the chance to reveal our new mantly, the stockings I'm attempting to sew/bead as well as a twist on my old wreath with you later this week. (Stockings might be next week considering I'm not sure what in the world I'm doing.)

How are you preparing for Christmas or the Holidays? Please send the links to your pictures so I can be inspired!


  1. These mantles look great! I'm inspired! I think I'll do something with greenery!
    As for how am I preparing for Christmas? I'm tackling the fabulous five: shopping, baking, decorating, cards and wrapping, each in their own time! ;-)It's coming fast!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Greenery is beautiful! Those are 5 fabulous Christmas tasks... I still have to tackle them all!


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