Festive Weekend: Making our Gingerbread Village

Jetty and I had a great weekend this past weekend because he was off work both days which hasn't happened in a long time so we took full advantage and were inspired to build a gingerbread village.

First of course came the icing making...

Putting the little houses together was kind of tricky, but with Jetty the architect and Melanie the construction worker things went just fine.

TA DA...gorgeous right?

Candy that we needed... we also threw in some others at the last minute and of course we bought more than the package came with.

Finishing up the little village.

Would you like to see each house? I thought so...

The "Fun House" (Every village needs an "A" fram Fun House)

The old stone church.

The houses of the two families that live in the village.

The outhouse...because it was shaped like one and we thought it was funny. (Do you like the moon on the door?)

What do you think? We had lots of fun making them.

I, of course, missed my younger cousins and Aunt and Uncle in Hali when making these because it was a tradition we partook in together, but it looks like we can't make it to Hali before Christmas this year. Next year with a baby in tow perhaps? Yes? Ok, wonderful.


  1. My goodness, I must say, I have one talented sister and brother !
    Excellent job on the village!

  2. They look yummy - hint hint!

  3. Guess who !!November 28, 2011

    That is the first gingerbread OUTHOUSE I have ever seen !! It seems like it was a JOYful experience you had putting it all together ! It made me smile to see your finished work- thanks for being a Monday smile !!!

  4. Humm... I wonder who the previous comment was from. Seemed very JOYful if you ask me!


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