Some Christmas Decorating

So my Christmas decorating is off to a rocky start. The mantle is still missing something...some greenery perhaps? And other things seem to just be tucked about in our living room, but I wanted to share where we are so far to see if you have any fun ideas. I still have to hang the stockings on the mantle and I'm trying to do everything on a budget (might need to do some end-of-season buying again this year), but what do you think?



  1. I think the mantel looks super cute! I agree it does need some greenery wrapped around everything thats on there : )

    You should buy these giant christmas ornaments that I saw at SuperStore they were pretty cheap and I think it would look so pretty in your living room or entrance in a large vase!

    P.S 26 days until Christmas !

  2. Very nice getting some great ideas.Like your boxes.Great ideas.

  3. I love it! Very colorful and cheery!


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