Bump Update Week 21

Today I'm at 21 weeks, and I think I have officially "popped!" When I wake up in the morning the belly is definitely showing and it used to be that when I would wake up and be flat on my back you couldn't really tell I was pregnant. I am loving every minute of this. Every kick, turn, punch I can feel inside my belly.

 Little Baby T. I cannot wait to introduce you to the family, but I'm especially excited that when I see them this weekend they will be able to tell you are here with us already moving around in there.

What anticipation Mary must have felt all those years ago when she was expecting baby Jesus. That song "Mary Did You Know?" makes me wonder every time. What did she know? What must it have been like? I can't help but think about it often this time of year.

I just cannot believe it when I look at my changing body that there is a little life growing in there! Baby T, I hope you are comfy and well and that you will someday know that your mom is a huge dork!



  1. This made me and Daddy smile very big !! : ) Can't wait to see you, hurry and get your butt home!

  2. Oh, AND.... yes you are a huge dork, and I can guarantee I will make sure Baby T knows just how dorky you are.


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