Rosette Necklace

I decided to try my luck at a rosette necklace. These can be seen all across the DIY space so I can't say exactly where the idea came from, but you can see some examples here or here.

It was really pretty easy. I just rolled a strip of grey material around on itself and hot glued every once in a while until I had what looked kind of like a flower. I then glued some fake pearls on the top.

On the back I glued some hoops (they aren't beautiful, but they will be hidden).

Here they are all glued together from the front. 

This way I can loop any chain or material through to wear it.

Here it is around my neck! I made this to wear with my Christmas Eve outfit because it really needed something for around my neck. You will see when I post the pics!

Have you created any jewelery to spice up an outfit lately?



  1. cute cute cute! I love it!
    Can't wait to see your christmas eve outfit !!

  2. You are so crafty ! Good job :)

  3. It's gorgeous Melanie, you are so clever!!


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