Cookie Exchange 2011

So we are doing a Christmas cookie exchange at work again this year and I just had to share my awesome find with you. It's a Dollaram find, which is my favourite kind!

I had 7 Dozen cookies to make for 7 people (then a dozen for ourselves) so I wanted something cute to share them in. For $1 I found these beauties. They came in at least 8 different kinds even though I only bought 7. I want to go back and buy tonnes more, they are so cute and fit 12 cookies perfectly!

I mentioned last year's cookie exchange in this post if you want to take a look, and yes, I made the same thing, but with a bit of a twist! (They were just too tasty not to make again!)

Are you doing any Christmas baking? How's it coming along?


  1. What a great idea Melanie! I've never been a part of a cookie exchange but I bet it's yummy because everyone would make their special cookie?
    I mentioned you in my post today! You're an inspiration to me!

  2. Those tins are a great find! Yesterday I baked Molasses cookies. I'm going to post them later today!

  3. Thank you ladies! Yes, A. Lori, I have 7 dozens of different tasty treats here now on top of my baking. Thanks for the mention too!
    Amanda, I saw your cookies, SO yummy looking!


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