Simple Grocery Bag Organization

So I've made a pact with myself to clean at least one drawer or cupboard every night until I get through them all. So far I've tackled two.

Our catch-all kitchen drawer:

And our grocery/Ziploc  bags drawer:

Yes, I fold our grocery bags before shoving them in the drawer, I love that it's a cleaner way to store them. We try hard to always remember our cloth bags, but when we don't I try to make sure we are at least re-using the plastic bags.

I thought I would share how to do it for anyone interested:

Flatten the grocery bag
Fold in half

Fold in thirds to make a long thin strip

Fold up bottom corner into a triangle

Fold again upwards to continue to have a triangle

Continue folding all the way up the line

When you get to the end...

Tuck the loose end in

All done!

Do you have any creative way of storing items to keep things clean and tidy? Please share!



  1. I was hoping you'd show how you did those folds! Cool!
    It's funny, I have always had an office at home so that's where the pens and stuff went. I never thought of where I'd put them (likely in the kitchen) if I didn't!

    1. Thanks! Ya, the drawer in the kitchen just makes sense for those pens. We have a small desk area in the living room and a desk in the spare room but we like having them within easy reach in the kitchen too! lol I guess we just like pens!

  2. You showing how you folded them made me smile, I remember when we were young and you used to fold your notes like that and I asked you to show me! Excellent use of note folding in a mature household ! :P

    1. Oh yes, same as the notes! Thank you for noticing that I made it so mature ;)


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