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I know I haven't shared very much about our impending move and where life is taking us the next few months so I thought I would share an update today.

Jetty's Job:Jetty is super excited to start his new job at the beginning of April. I know he's going to be great at it. He will be working at PC Financial!

My Job:
I will be working from home to wrap-up my time before maternity leave. Thankfully I work for an amazing company that is very accommodating. I know I will miss the team and the job while I'm away. Thankfully I have lots of ways to keep in touch.

Our Condo:
Well, our condo is for sale. We're asking for prayers that the place sells quickly so we can start planning where we will move to in Moncton. If you know anyone looking for a place in Fredericton please let me know!

Moncton Dwelling:
Since we know we need to be in Moncton early April we might shack-up with the 'rents for a bit, or find temporary living. It all really depends on how the sale of the condo goes. We are really looking forward to finding a house in Moncton that we can bring our little baby home to and are hoping we will be able sell the condo quickly to move in there.

Baby T.:
We are in the process of getting referred to a Dr. in Moncton. I'm pretty excited that the plan is now to deliver Baby T. at the Moncton hospital since it's a MOREOB hospital. If you don't know the program you can learn more here. It's basically a patient safety program that I think all hospitals should participate in. (I used to work for the company that runs it so I'm a bit biased.)

That's just a quick update! Hopefully I'll have more to share soon. There will be an open house for our condo this weekend for any local readers who might be thinking they would love to move to a nice condo on the Freddy South side. I'll let you know how we prepped our place for the open house soon too.

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