Baby Bump Week 33

Today we are in Moncton so our picture had a different backdrop!

 This week I think I look about the same as last week. (Pictures comparing below). You are so squirmy Baby T. It's very cool to feel your tiny limbs poking out of my belly. I'm just loving having you in there where I know you are safe and warm. I'm also so excited to meet you and so is daddy! When I look at newborns now they are starting to look a bit bigger than before. While it makes me a bit nervous, I know I will just be so excited to meet you on the day of your arrival. I'm staying positive about labour and delivery and plan for it to be an awesome and empowering experience. See you in about 7 weeks little one!

Week 33
Week 32



  1. Oh wow, you're getting so close now. I am so excited for you xx


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