Celebrating Baby T.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a lovely weekend in Ontario. I was incredibly blessed to be able to visit with lots of friends and family. I also attended a beautiful baby shower just for little Baby T.

So many lovely ladies came together to celebrate the little life growing in me. It's really a touching event and made me feel so special. It's also a reminder of just how close we are to meeting our little baby (about 5 weeks to go!).

There were so many perfect details at this shower and everything matched right down to the small favours at the door and the name tags. One of my favorite parts were these cards created by the lovely MarjaLiese that had "Wishes for Baby" on them (picture is below). The beautiful things that people wished for our baby almost brought me to tears. I wish for all of them too!


Party favours!

So much yummy food!

With some of the ladies!
 I even got a scrapbook of the whole thing the day after complete with pictures and notes from each guest. (Yes it also matched all of the shower colours).

I didn't share a picture with all the lovely guests because I wasn't sure about who would like their face on the blog, but to all the ladies and friends and family I saw this past weekend I have to say I had an amazing time and miss you all already.



  1. It looks like a beautiful shower and lots of fun!

  2. Such a gorgeous baby shower. Your friend has such a great eye for detail, and I think the scrapbook is beautiful touch!!

    I can't believe you only have 5 weeks to go! Pregnancy seems to take so long, and go so quickly all at the same time!!

    1. Thank you! I think she did such an awesome job! =)
      I can't believe it's only 5 weeks too! The end seems to be going much faster than the start. It's flying by!

  3. Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with you at your shower!! It looks like you had a great time.

    1. Thank you Lauren! I wish you could have been there too but I was so touched that you sent along a gift. It was a very fun day for sure. =)


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