Baby Bump Week 35

Wow... only 5 more weeks! It's unbelievable. I also can't believe there is any more room in my belly! I barely ever feel kicks anymore, just tonnes of squirming around. I really want to know which way Baby T. is facing, but keep telling myself that the head has to be down because most of the jabs are coming up towards my ribs...that has to be kicking right? Right? Well I hope so, but won't find out for a little while so I'm not stressing.

Baby T. when we are on the couch watching a movie or TV it feels like we are haning out with you now too. You react to our voices and squirm around so much that we can almost play with you by gently rubbing your feet (or whatever limb is sticking out!). It's so exciting because it makes me think more about how you might be on the outside!

Mommy is definitely getting pretty big, and with only about .5 pounds gained last week, this past week I'm pretty sure I gained about 2. (No idea for sure though- it feels like I gained 10!)

I had some requests for a front shot, but wearing all black makes me look kind of like I'm not really pregnant... so I was brave...

Yes, a full belly shot... which looks pretty lopsided here actually... Baby T.  was chilling on my left side I suppose because it's really not that crooked always.

What do you think? Majority still think it's a boy in there?


  1. You are getting so big ! I cant believe how much you have grown since I last saw you!
    I am excited to see you next week when your at week 36! CRAZY

    BabyT, you will be here soon, I cant even wait to meet you and spoil you rotten! :)

    Love you!
    Aunt Erica

    1. I know, it's crazy the growth lately! I can't wait to see you soon! Baby T. is lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt! xo

  2. The only thing on this earth more beautiful than a big pregnant belly is the little baby that is inside of it xx


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