Labour Playlist

So I've decided I want to have a labour playlist on hand in case that's something I decide will be helpful when I go into labour. I feel like I will want to shut out the world and just focus and I think music would be a great way to do that. (I also hear some women end up not wanting to listen to music at all so I'm keeping an open mind!)

I got started on my labour playlist over the weekend. Lots of nice calm Christian music and some others that I really like (Including our wedding song!). I hope/think they will bring me some comfort at least for the first part of labour. Are there any other songs you would recommend adding to the list? I want lots more! For any moms out there - did you use music during labour? What did you think? What songs helped?


  1. Kristian Stanfill - Jesus paid it all
  2. Chris Tomlin - Holy is the Lord, God Almighty
  3. Phil Wickham - Nothing but the Blood of Jesus
  4. Delirious - What a Friend I've Found
  5. Group 1 Crew Featuring Chris August - He Said 
  6. Tommy Walker - He knows my name
  7. Lonestar - Amazed
  8. Newsong - When God Made You
  9. Rob Thomas - Little Wonders
  10. Jane Siberry - Calling All Angels
I also wanted to share the song "He Said" from the list above because I'm loving it right now. Hope you enjoy it too!



  1. Hey Melanie!
    I also had a Labor playlist, and I found it helped. I only used songs with no words - Healing Garden music, and music that encouraged positivity, energy and peace. I had my iPod on for about 4-5 hours until I REALLY went into labor, then I didn't want to hear anything! The only suggestion I can make is to have 2 playlists - one to relax you in the beginning to help you through your breathing, and one to really motivate you when you want to just throw in the towel!! Listen to your playlist lots before your due're body will get into the habit of relaxing to the music, and become familiar with it. Good luck lovely lady, you will do great!!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and advice Lauren! I will definitely use it and let you know how it goes here on the blog. I am going to try to start listening to the playlist each day and relax to it! Thank you again! =)

  2. Love, love, love the song you posted!


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