Baby Bump Week 37

Well this is it, FULL TERM! I cannot believe it's been 37 weeks. This weekend is going to be packed with getting things together for Baby T. so we are as prepped as possible.

I know most women seem to be ready for baby at this point and are eager for the pregnancy to be over, but I really hope to make it closer to the due date. I'm just not ready for Baby T. to arrive yet! Too many little things to do and I'm enjoying the end of this pregnancy (except for all those potty breaks!).

Baby T., everyone is having fun feeling your little legs and arms poke out of my belly. I can't wait to meet with OB on Monday and find out more about how you are doing in there. I sure hope your head is down! The realization that I'm going to be a mother in a few short weeks (days?) is starting to sink in, but I don't think it will fully until you are in my arms. I think I am most excited to see your daddy holding you. I will either be thinking "my boys" or "daddy and his little girl" both of which bring a huge smile to my face. See you soon Baby T.!


  1. Oh my goodness, full term!! You are still absolutely glowing, pregnancy definitely suits you and I'm sure motherhood will too xx

  2. You do look wonderful Melanie. Sorry I had to miss your shower. I know it must have been so much fun. Great that you are now in Moncton now! Enjoy every moment of these last days and relax, you will need the extra energy for the birth and the days after.


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