Temporary Nursery

As many of you know we are currently shacked up with the 'rents. Yesterday I got my nesting on and started to organize our room so it's more baby ready. Considering Baby T. could show up just about any day now, I'm realizing there are a lot of things we need to do in preparation:
  • Pack our hospital bag
  • Use the kit to make sure the rails on the crib can't go up and down
  • Buy a mattress for the crib
  • Buy some last minute items we will need right when Baby T. arrives
  • Finish all my paperwork for work
  • Finish my playlist for labour
I feel like April has crept right up on us!

Below is furniture that will stay with Sitty (Arabic word for Grandma). We still need furniture of our own when we sell the condo and move into our own place. The change table is actually an old microwave stand. This is all located in the corner of the room Jetty and I are currently sleeping in in my parent's basement.

What do you think of our temporary nursery? I know there is still a lot to do!

Just to keep things real... the rest of the basement and our room look a little something like this...

So much I want to organize and decorate with when we get our own place with a nursery just for Baby T.!
Keep the quick sale of our condo in your prayers.

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