Baby Bump Week 38

Well, Melly's Belly has definitely continued to grow this week. We're starting to feel more prepared for Baby T. Jetty is going to Freddy today to pick up some items we accidentally left and so we will finish packing the hospital bags and let you know next week what items made the cut! I'm pretty relieved that it looks like Baby T. is waiting until we are all ready to make his/her arrival.

Baby T. I'm definitely having some fun in these last few days of pregnancy. I think it's the excitment of seeing you soon that has made it so the twice-a-night-potty-breaks aren't so bad. Friends all around me are pregnant or having babies and the pictures of the little newborns make me so excited to see what you will look like.

Daddy finally hopped in one of the pics and we are definitely super excited to meet you. Can't you see it on our faces? Watching and feeling you move is just so much fun.

See you soon!



  1. Aw so cute! This is such an exciting time :)

    1. Thank you Lauren! It definitely is! =)


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