Birth Announcement Prep

So I wanted to have birth announcements all ready to go before Baby T. is born. I've been playing around with a layout myself, but I'm not loving it. Since it's probably not what we will use I thought that I would share the general design with you and see if anyone had some great ideas for us!

I really like polka dots and the name at the top since we still haven't told anyone the names we've chosen yet. Obviously the rest of the info and the picture above are space fillers.

Have you seen any cute birth announcement cards lately? I would love some layout ideas!


  1. My cousin sent a birth announcement that was like a zoomed-in shot of Timmy's hands cupped around the feet in a heart shape... harder to explain with words than I thought! ha :) It was pretty cool though.

    My birth announcement had "SHE'S HERE" in big bold letters with the information below it, apparently it was some joke with my family?

    And that's all I've got... birth announcements are not my forte! haha I do really love what you've come up with though. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the ideas! I definitely haven't really even thought about what picture will go on them! Oh Boy! =)

  2. I love what you have come up with so far and can't wait to here what your baby's name will be :)

    Here's a couple of links to announcement cards that are similar to your theme:

    1. Thank you so much Tamsyn! I REALLY love that first one... hmm stay tuned I will share the finished product in a month or so. ;) Can't wait to share names too! So glad you are staying tuned. xo


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