Hospital Bags All Ready to Go

I promised to share what we were bringing to the hospital with us when it's time for Baby T.'s arrival so I've put it all together below. Some things will have to be thrown into the mix last minute so I've noted what's not pictured.

For Baby:
  1. Sleepers
  2. Diapers (Waiting to do cloth)
  3. Going Home Outfit (As long as it fits)
  4. Baby Soap (All Natural Shaklee!)
  5. Receiving Blankets
  6. Blanket

For Mommy:
  1. Toiletries Bag (I try to keep my items in there when I'm not using them.)
  2. Going home outfit (Something comfy!)
  3. Slippers
  4. Pads (I actually only packed a few of those)
  5. Big Comfy Sweater
  6. iPod and Labour Music
  7. PJ's
  8. Nursing Bra
  9. Nursing Pads
  10. Comfy Cotton Granny Panties (Oh ya!)
  11. Vitamin-e Oil
  12. Robe
  13. Baby Notebook

Not Pictured:
  1. Car Seat (In the Car)
  2. Medicare Card (In my purse)
  3. Daddy Items- Protein Bars, Camera etc.
  4. Documents for Mat Leave
  5. Lip Chap (In my purse)
This is based on the list I was provided by the hospital so it's good to check with your hospital for what they provide and what they would like you to bring.
Anything you think I'm missing?



  1. Sounds like you are all ready to go!! I love those blankets you have in the top photo. Gorgeous :)

    A couple of things that I found really useful (but hadn't packed and had to send Sean home to get) were:

    Some warmer all-in-one suits. Even though I had Max in the middle of summer the air-conditioning in the hospital was so cold. Even when he was swaddled up in blankets he still needed the extra layers.

    Lanolin nipple cream. None of the classes I went to prepared me for what it is like to feed a baby with a cracked nipple. The lanolin worked wonders and is 100% natural.

    Good luck, you are going to be a natural xx

  2. Thanks for the additions Tamsyn! Adding items now! And thanks for the well wishes! I hope all goes smoothly and I'm sure I will be updating here after the fact! =)


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