Date Night

This past weekend Jetty and I made sure to have a lovely date night. Who knows, it could be the last one for a while! In the afternoon we actually attended a friend's wedding which was beautiful. It was awesome to listen to people committing to each other for life and it made us think of our own wedding which was almost 2 years ago exactly.

We went for dinner at Graffiti in Moncton and it was delicious! Neither of us had been before but we enjoyed it and it gave us time to talk about life and our plans for the next few months. Both of us are super eager to sell our condo.

We stopped to grab snacks and then headed to the movies. When we got into the theatre we were the only ones there so we walked up to the perfect viewing level and then counted until we were in the exact middle of the row. (This is reason #93274398274 why I love my husband- he didn't laugh when I suggested we should count to be sure.)

We saw 21 Jump Street and laughed the whole way through. It was fun to be out on a date just like when we were in high school.

So excited for Baby T. now though. We are all ready for the little one! Carseat installation approved, date night complete and it's now May- the month we will become parents.



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