Rolling Over

Right now Elias is sleeping and I can't help but stare. I know that I'm quite biased, but he's just too cute to look away from. I can't believe the love I feel for this little man. I love getting to know his little personality and facial expressions. I love spending my days with him.

Our little boy is strong. I can't believe it. When he was born he was lifting his head. When the Dr. checked on him when he wasn't even 24 hrs old and put him on his stomach he arched his back and head and pushed himself right up. The shock on her face made Jetty and I laugh. Now, just yesterday he rolled over for the first time, and then did it about 3 times again after that. I thought I should videotape and share!

This blog will definitely be featuring lots of Elias in the coming weeks/months/years, but I'm also going to be getting back to DIY and home decor. It looks like we have both purchased a new house and sold our condo. As long as everything works out we should have some fun new home pics coming soon! I can't wait to share updates and pictures when things are finalized. Thank you for all the prayers and support through our big family transition. We feel so incredibly blessed that things seem to be working out with God's perfect timing.

My heart overflows...


  1. Just arrived here through your Twitter link. Elias is so, so cute! What a strong little guy! Congratulations on your little boy!

  2. That is amazing! How exciting.


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