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I shared that we purchased new appliances in yesterday's post. I'm so excited about them- well as excited about appliances as one can be. We wanted simple but functional and something that would last. After lots of searching we chose the Maytag products below:

I can't wait until they are moved in to our house! Honestly I'm really excited to get started on making our house a home. We get it TOMORROW! We are probably even going to move a few things in tomorrow afternoon and evening. Then this weekend we are going to pack up the condo and all the rest of our stuff will be in our new place by Tuesday.

I've found a great app to help us make plans for our new home. It's called MagicPlan. There are lots of things that, over time, we will buy for our new house. I want to keep measurements of the house with me at all times in case I come across some great deals and MagicPlan lets me do this! You have to see it- so cool! It is an app that allows you to easily make floor plans with your iPhone or iPad. It measures and draws your floor plan by taking pictures with your phone. I'm excited to try it out and let you know what I think! In our condo I carried around my hand drawn floor plan everywhere, but this should be way easier.

I wonder what Eli will think of his new home. I'm sure he will miss all the smooches and snuggles from his Aunts and Grandparents that he is constantly getting now that we are all together- but they will just have to visit often!


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