A Little Eli Update

Being a mom is exhausting, rewarding and the best thing I have ever done. Look at this little cutie! I say "You are SO cute" to Eli all the time. I just can't help it. It overwhelms me.
Lots has happened in the last few weeks and I've been so busy I haven't had time to blog as much as I would like. Some things we have checked off our list?

  • Bought appliances
  • Bought some more needed baby items
  • Set our power to go to the new house and stop at the condo
  • Booked meetings with: bank, lawyer, insurance etc. to prep for the new house
  • Booked a moving company
  • Made a list of places we need to update our address with
  • Sent out baby announcements (well more of a little hello from Eli)
  • ...and so much more.
I know I keep saying it, but I will be back to blogging more soon! In the meantime, here is some Elias eye candy.

Just chillen

What's that you say mommy? No more milk?!

Just staring at his awesome daddy.

Joining us for dinner at the big kids' table.



  1. Aunt DeniseJune 13, 2012

    Just such a beautiful baby.Looking more like his father.

  2. Oh Mel, your son is so handsome. I'm glad you're enjoying motherhood so much, and good on you for keeping your head on straight with so much going on! :)

  3. HAHA, not going to lie I laughed out loud at "What's that you say mommy? No more milk?!" ahha with that look on his face, priceless! - Excellent!

  4. Oh my goodness that boy is going to break some hearts. He definitely is going to have Jetty's eyes - that with the dark hair?! Watch out ladies (in 20ish years :P)


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