Our Messy House Right NOW!

Now that we are finally in our new place with most of the boxes out, I thought it was about time to share some pics. The place is still messy, but slowly everything is finding a home. Today I'll be working on the main level. Once everything is in its home I'm going to be getting to some painting projects including walls, furniture and maybe even some lamps! I also have big plans for re-vamping our bedroom. We're going with a new colour scheme!

Don't judge- just be excited for "after" pictures!

Living Room


New Appliances

Front Room

More Front Room

Upstairs Bathroom

Shower Curtain from our London, ON Place

Our room with the bed unmade on purpose- it's a boring room right now anyway!

Our closets.

Dresser and entrance to the Bathroom

Eli's crib and our office chair! (The nursery chair had to be returned so we are still looking!)

Eli's book shelf - Unorganized

His dresser- to be painted!

The "Office"


Laundry Room / Bathroom

A Closer Look

A Big Empty Room

"Spare Room"

Closer Look

Storage Room

Well there is a quick peek. As you can see we have lots of fun ahead of us in terms of cleaning and making this a home. I also have lots of fun projects on the horizon. Stay tuned!



  1. You have so much room!! I can't wait to see what you do with all of the spaces :)

  2. Lovely & so good to know this is a normal part of the moving process. Wait til you see my house. ;)


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