Thoughts on Motherhood

So I didn't blog all last week. We were moving into the new house and dealing with all that comes with that and I managed to give myself a fever from overworking and it was a crazy week. I'm going to be back at it this week though! So much to catch everyone up on!

First things first is a post I've been trying to write for a while because it's so hard to put my thoughts into words.

Everyone says, "You don't know until you hold your baby just how special being a mom is." While I definitely agree with this, I think it's more than that. I was certain I would be overwhelmingly in love with my baby when he was born- the big thing that surprised me was how much I loved him so specifically. It's really hard to explain, but I'll do my best.

I always think babies are adorable. I know that each small baby is different but part of me, I think, still always kind of grouped newborns into a very similar category. How different could they really be? I was really surprised by how much I was attached to the cute little face he would make as he woke up or the way he yawned. If, in some bizarre universe, the nurse had said that I wasn't holding the right baby, I would have been heartbroken to hand him back over for another. Even if she were to tell me she had my actual baby in her arms.

I am still blown away every day that I'm a mom, married to a dad and that I have a little BOY! I could not love him more and it's the best feeling in the world. I am very focused on enjoying every minute of being home with him in his first year- especially those challenging moments. I know there may be days I long to hold and feed him again and I want to make sure to take it all in.

I love my boys.

Photo by Matt and Chera Yorke


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Before Max was born I knew I was going to love him, I mean I already loved him even though he hadn't been born yet. But nothing prepared me for the extent of my love for him. It was (and still is) like nothing I have ever felt before in my entire life. When I think about the new baby I get so emotional thinking about how I'm going to be able to experience it all over again xx

    1. I'm so glad you know what I mean! I can't even imagine what it will be like for baby #2, but I'm sure it will be equally amazing. I also bet that it will be surprising how different the second baby is from the first even with all the same genes. lol


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