Impromptu Road Trip

We decided to come to Ontario for a few days as a mini summer vacay to visit all our lovely friends and to get away from all the stresses of moving. Some (most/all) would say we are crazy for taking a two month old on a 14 hour road trip, but I call us ambitious!

We managed it with only 3 stops to feed Eli and he was an angel through it all. He didn't really fuss much in his car seat until the very last 2 mins. Along the way I just fed and changed him in the front seat of the car when we stopped, burped him quickly and back in the car seat and we were on our way.

My view from the front seat:

So cute when he was having a stare down with the monkey!

 Our pilot for the trip after about 12 hours of driving- still going strong but a little tired...

 The closest you will see to a picture of me... I was a mommy mess the whole drive. Nursing bra was showing in all the other pics...

We made it though- then Elias got some stretching time and a bath and is now napping at mommy's feet. Daddy is napping in bed and mommy is grateful for all her blessings.



  1. Enjoy your vacation! That last photo of Eli is crazy cute!

    1. Thank you! So far we are having a blast.

  2. Gosh, Elias just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! That monkey mirror is such a good idea, I definitely need to get one when the new baby comes along :)

    1. Thanks! The mirror was helpful on the long trip so I didn't have to strain my neck when he made funny noises. It was a great gift!


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