Pinterest Challenge - Summer Edition

I had big plans to participate in the Pinterest Challenge and make a mobile for Elias' room. Well an impromptu road trip to Ontario made that impossible.

The Pinterest Challenge was dreamed up by Katie and she co-hosts with Sherry this time they have also invited Kate and Michelle! Here's their projects this time around: Katie’s, Kate’s, Michelle’s, and Sherry/John's. I participated in the first challenge with my burlap box here, I've also done a Pinterest inspired brunch, a ruffle pillow, and fabric covered push pins all from inspiration on Pinterest!

Mobile preview:

I'm excited to share the mobile anyway since I will be doing it when we return home from the trip, but in the meantime I did do two Pinterest inspired things this past week that I LOVE and wanted to share!

First was inspired by this pin:

So I made my own with a dollar store square glass and cheap vanilla flavoured coffee beans. It smells great in the morning!

The other thing I made was a cake for my sister's birthday. She wanted something with lots of sprinkle and sparkle so I used the following two pins as inspiration.

I made the rainbow cake from a box- super fancy I know...

And then decorated with lots of sprinkles and some sprinkle chocolates.

Oh and it was served with Sprinkle Party Cake ice cream from PC.

I've decided I'm not the next great baker- but my sister loved it.

I had lots of fun with these projects! I can't wait to share the make-up brush one with you in our nice new washroom! Looking forward to seeing what other people whipped up for the challenge!

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  1. BEST cake ever ! Exactly what I wanted! : )
    Thanks sissy! and you are a great baker!

    1. Aww so glad you liked it! Love you! xo

  2. Yay for the pinterest challenge!! When I saw that you took a road trip I thought you might have decided to give it a miss :)

    I think I have that same coffee bean mkae-up brush holder pinned too. I never thought about the gorgeous smell, added bonus!!

    Can't wait to see how your mobile turns out xx

    1. I really wanted to do the big project but I was glad I got a couple others done throughout the week! I'm excited to share the mobile- I hope it turns out! I loved your tent! =)


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